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Our Contribution to Being Green

Being Green is not a marketing tool for us – it is a way of life.  In all aspects of our business, we are continuously seeking out new technologies and new processes to increase our contribution to protecting both the environment and its inhabitants.  We will continue to strive for excellence to decrease our carbon footprint while maintaining high quality service at competitive prices.

Hanger Replacement Program

Most of our customers ask that we return cleaned garments on hangers. We can understand why.  However, we also understand why this is not good for the environment. At Green Apple Cleaners, we have begun a Hanger Replacement Program.  We ask that you allow us to send you our hanger box (made of recyclable paper, of course).  Once it is full, return it with your next order.  In addition to the hangers being recycled, for every full Hanger Replacement Box we receive, we credit back your account $1 for being a “good green citizen”

Biodegradable Plastic

Our environmental efforts extend beyond our cleaning processes.  We are proud to say that we have drastically reduced our reliance on plastic bags. This has been made possible through the use of our reusable Green Apple BLACK Garment Bags and our Green Apple GREEN Wash & Fold Garment Bags. Any plastic bags that we do use are made of biodegradable plastic, which will decompose in the natural environment.  We have even started using these biodegradable plastic bags as our garbage bin liners.  You may want to think about doing the same in your home.  Remember, every little bit helps!

Our Delivery Method - CRD Diesel Sprinters

Here at Green Apple Cleaners, we are on the road to environmental excellence.  Our fleet of delivery trucks are the newest, most fuel efficient diesel powered Sprinters.  These vehicles produce very low emissions, low-noise operation, which is a particular advantage in servicing the Tri-State area.  The use of this technology ties in with Mercedes-Benz effort to actively protect the environment by cutting down on the use of fossil fuels.

You will also see our custom designed SMART and PRIUS cars in your neighborhood, which are fuel efficient and environmentally responsible. As you can see, our commitment to environmental excellence extends way beyond our cleaning processes.

And so much more …

Green Apple does not stop there, from the 100% post consumer paper and soy inks used by our printing partner Greg Barber to our High Efficiency Lighting, 4 Bin recirculating system, recirculating chilling tower … these are just a few of the many ways we “Go Green”. For more information on our Total Company approach to keeping our World in mind with all of our business practices, please click here.